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The nation and the world is speaking in support of LGBT rights and awareness. Where are you?

Satyavati is an important film because it is one of the few to speak about the horror of corrective rape. It is the first such film from India. It is also an INDIE film, which means the film needs as much support as it can get from people like you. Without audiences who joined hands, Satyavati could never have been made.

The director's cut of the film is ready, but we are looking for funds to make the final push - a few changes in the edit to be able to reach larger audiences, and some expenses towards marketing and promotional materials. If you choose to spread awareness about this horrific crime, you're choosing to stand with humanity.


Please consider funding us.

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"India hai yeh... Seedha lockup me daal denge".


Musings Along Our Journey

Stranger, Not Anymore

Producer Guruprasad Bhat writes about his Satyavati journey. Most of us choose to be strangers. To each other, to society, to asking uncomfortable questions and seeking uncomfortable answers. Whatever doesn’t fit our own definition of Read more…

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