First Assistant Director Praveen Nuthalapati writes about his up and close view of Deepthi and his own Satyavati journey.

Filmmakers love looking at life through a lens. Any lens! Sometimes, they may just hold up their glass of water and try to see what is happening in front of them through it. Just to see what perspectives open up when you try that.

Deepthi is a close friend of mine for over eight years now. Statistically, we should be friends forever! We started our filmmaking journey together and have worked on numerous projects together. True to Indie projects, a lot of them didn’t even start. But the ones that did start and finish gave us the opportunity to not just work together and understand each others’ ideas and styles but also become much closer friends. It was during one of these times that Deepthi narrated the story of Satyavati to me and asked if I could come onboard as the first assistant.

I have always admired her way of looking at things and writing them as thought-provoking or entertaining scripts. The potential of Satyavati was evident to me from the very beginning. She has a very different perspective in visualizing plots which is one of her biggest strengths. She is also this patient director who is clear on what she wants and can wait till the actors are able to deliver something that satisfies her creative urge!

Her other big strength is the way she identifies the right person for the right job. Without getting her cast and crew right, Satyavati could never have been made the way it has been made now. All actors and everyone behind the camera have only given their best. Satyavati was made in true Indie style and we have had our share of challenges. That forced us to be creative at the same time and we have attempted some innovative techniques as well. It will definitely create an impact on screen. It’s very important for films like Satyavati to be made because of its unique content. It offers viewers something that has never been seen or probably even made on screen in the world.

I feel proud to have been a person who has seen all of these colours and patterns come together over the last year and a half (actually, way more than that!). And I have had an upclose perspective of everything. It’s like having watched the entire journey through a microscopic kaleidoscope. While my view has been so beautiful, when I take a step back and look at the big picture of what we have done, it is even more exciting. I can’t wait for all of you to see this movie, enjoy the work of a new writer-director who can move you and also, in this case, disturb you for the right reasons.

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